each according to his worth

I finished a new miniset:

Download here. Art is care of William Blake, the sound is epic, boss-battle progbreaks.

1: Royal Assassin – Turn Of Twilight [Pacific Front]
2: Lostep – Villain [GU]
3: Hybrid – Sleepwalking [Distinctive]
4: Dustin H – Recieve The Light (His Boy Elroy Remix) [Pacific Front]
5: Hy Bound – Mark Of The Beatsmith [Overclocked]

I also got my mind blown by the City Generator that Introversion are working on for their next game. (Introversion being the people who brought you Defcon.) That, combined with going to see the UVic Orchestra and then going to see the brutal, Germanic vocal patterns of Chris Reiche’s grad piece, Living German, gave me an idea for generative music.
Take a word. Play it back over itself, several times, just slightly out of phase. You could get the same effect by having 3-6 people repeat it a few times. You’ll start to hear a rhythm and a tempo in the word. Steve Reich’s It’s Gonna Rain, for example, has some really strong 3/4 sections. Make a note of that rhythm, or rhythms: we’ll need them soon.

Now, take that same repeated word, and spectralize it: pull out the strongest fundamental pitches, and make a note of them. Then map them to our boring old 12-tone scale. (An optional step, but it will makes things easier.) Then, map those notes to the aforementioned rhythm. Bingo – an instant motive. Combine that with the standard graph of western tonal harmony, and you can generate pretty much whatever you want. Call it Symphony On A Word, if you like.