fractal – mistroad

I am delighted to tell you that I have a new track out, and on my own label no less.

It is called Mistroad, and is a Luke-Chable-ish sort of progressive house number.  Very Vapour,  very Ivan Gough, with lots of snappy percussion and brooding, odd synths.  If you don’t know what that means, you can listen to it here.

My comrade-in-arms Limbo did the remix, and he did a spectacular job.  His version sounds like snow melting, ice cracking, and water pouring down from thousand year old glaciers.  It’s pretty dubstep and it’s pretty rad.  You can hear it here.

You can buy the entire release at the Tide Pool website, here.  It will be out on Juno and Beatport soon.  And, because Tide Pool turning 25 is kind of a big deal, you can in fact download the original mix for free, at full bandwidth.  MP3 here, WAV here.  Tide Pool loves you, after all.