I can’t praise BOOKHUNTER, from Shiga Books, enough.  In fact, I’m going to read it again.  If you like noir, books, or general geekery, you’ll probably dig it.

I find myself less fulsome in my praise for SHIKASTA, by Nobel laureate Doris “Oh, finally” Lessing.  The writing is fine, the premise is good, if a bit muddled in the beginning, and the brutal deconstruction of the human condition is exceptional.  However, I cannot stand the shifty, communist / higher power undertones.  If we’re going to save the world, we’re going to have to do it ourselves – not rely on people from other planets.

Also, music:
Sandji – A Walk At The Sunset Seaside [Proton]
Feihstel & Ukumori – You Made Me Smile (Instrumental) [Proton]
Ryan Davis – Clouds Passing By [Back Home]
Ryan Davis – Wide Open Spaces [Klang]
Dibby Dougherty – Lights Out (Chloe Harris Remix) [Dyami]
Rex The Dog – Circulate [Kitsune]
Rex The Dog – Italian Blond [Kitsune]
KIM – Fistogram [Modular]

(Have I mentioned that I’m playing at Hush this Saturday?  I think I have.)