but if you’re bored

A thousand and one thank-yous to everyone who came to Hush last night and rocked out with Matt and I. We kind of had a lot of fun.

Now, some things on The Internet need to be mentioned here.

NAWLZ is the first one. It’s a cyberpunk styled webcomic, done all in Flash, with lots hidden cues, flat out amazing art, a soundtrack, and acres of style. The story is a little byzantine, but the presentation is mind-bogglingly tight.

Muxtape, no relation to the legendary Vancouver acid techno phenom, is nothing more than a simple way to put mix tapes online. As if you didn’t have enough music to listen to.

Back in the real world, I’ve been trying to list off the best music school concerts of the spring term, and I’m having a darn hard time paring it down. I think my most favorite thing was, oddly enough, the Orchestra doing readings of pieces by Hollas, Felipe, and Andrew – all of which were very good and very, very different.

Honorable mentions go to just about everything else: the Concerto concert, the Orchestra doing Firebird, umpteen grad recitals and Friday Musics, and the impossible, improbable MUS 105 concert.