the other side

I’m online in Vancouver, for the record.  I finished two quick & dirty minisets in my time offline, however:

Download here.

1: Tigerskin – The Holy Grail (Vintage Dub Mix) [Moodmusic]
2: Lee Jones – Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)[Aus]
3: Liquid People – Son Of Dragon [Defected]
4: Chymera – Umbrella (Funk D’Void Remix) [Mezzotinto]
5: Chymera – Umbrella (Spooky Remix) [Mezzotinto]
6: Rennie Foster – A Commitment To Transit []
7: Mike Oldfield – Far Above The Clouds (Timewriter’s Big Bag Of Secrets) [Kinetic]

Download here.

1: Mistika & Medina – After Hours Ensemble (David West Remix) [Curvve]
2: Noel Sanger – Natural Perfection [Dissident]
3: Benz & MD – Signals (AFK’s Ogopogo Remix) [Proton]
4: Stel – Heart Full Of Napalm [Hope]
5: Keenan & Anderson – Runaway (Steve May Dub) [Navigation]
6: Gareth Emery – Outrageous (Shiloh Remix) [Baroque]
7: AFK – Eclipse (Dustin H’s Someday Solar Remix) [Pacific Front]

And yes, I used huge pictures for both of them.  Neener neener.