corner of 4th and mirror

I have clips for you, you lucky, lucky people.

Fractal – Mistroad – A work in progress since the start of first term last year.  ‘Mistroad’ has gone from dubstep to three-piece chamber music to nasty, darkroom progressive house.  The prog house version will be the version to get finished, although I’m still not certain about the ending.

Rennie Foster – A Commitment To Transit (A Skytrain Ride With Fractal) – I did this remix in about an afternoon, followed by some mixdown and mastering the next day.  This never happens with me, but I’m really pleased with how this mix turned out.  It should be released on Rennie’s Dirty Works label sometime this year.

Fractal – The World Outside –  This is a preview of my megamix /  album thingy.  It’s essentially everything I’ve ever done that I like, remixed and re-edited in to a coherent quasi-downtempo sort of think.  Think L.S.G or BT, and you’ll get the idea.