All My Friends: A Mixtape Special To Be

This probably reached lots of you via email, but I couldn’t be sure who would be interested, so I’ll crosspost the email here:

“Hi there!  I’m looking for a (small amount) of help with a music project.

I’ve been doing a lot of collaborative DJ sets of late, and I was suddenly struck very hard by the thought that I should do a mix with all of my friends who are *not* DJs or music producers.

If you’re interested, you should send me or link me to:
– A piece of music that you really, really like that is under 7 minutes.  (If you need me to edit a certain 7 minutes out of a longer work, I can do that.)
– A picture of yourself.  I’ll be making a mosaic of everyone’s picture and giving everyone credit, though I won’t be matching names to music.

I will take everyone’s input and mix / edit them together in a hopefully fairly coherent order.  The end result will go up on and be distributed to the internet net at large.  (I may split it into multiple parts, depending on the number of responses.)

Let me know if you’re interested, or just send me music & images (djfractal at, or harass me with any questions.