reading break thoughts

Five minutes to breath before starting on class design.  Please allow me a moment to say that I cannot wait until next term.

Moving on, but on the subject of the personal:  How much of what you put on the internet is censored?  That is to say, how does your public, online persona relate to your actual self?  And how does it relate to your private self?

Now, I have friends who use the internet as a highly personal lifeblog, with access only given to people they trust.  I have friends who use the internet as a very thoughtful and professional thing.  I have friends who use the internet to store witicisms and recipies.  I have friends who are more public on the internet than they are in person.

What’s this going to be like for people who grow up in a post-Twitter age?  Will we every reach a point where everyone just knows everything about everyone else?  Will that be a good thing, or not?

(If I was Spider Robinson, I’d talk about Twitter-as-empathy, but lucky for you I’m not.  With that said, I’d love to sit Spider and William Gibson down and watch them talk about this sort of thing.)

Moving on:  I played an amazing Halloween gig at Hush, featuring some of these tunes:

Vitalic – Poison Lips [Different]
Kano – Ikeya Seki [Kitsune]
Van She – Techno Music (Vemixed) [Modular]
Gossip – Love Long Distance (Fractal Edit of Fake Blood Remix)
Phil Kieran – Don’t Look Far Away [Cocoon]
The MFA – We Will Destroy You (Original Mix) [Border Community]
The MFA – We Will Destroy You (Bear Dub) [Border Community]
The MFA – We Will Destroy You (Luke Abbott Remix) [Border Community]
Rcid – R001 [Elefant]
Rcid – R002 [Elefant]
Rcid – R003 [Elefant]

DJing has been on my mind of late, especially in terms of the post-scarcity world of music that we all live in.  What do you do when everyone has the big jams?  Do you play them anyways?  Do you be honest and only play the ones you like?  (Seriously, that Vitalic track is so good.)  Do you dig deeper, even if you’re really into some of the big tunes?

What filters your music, other than your own taste in music?  That’s the question, really.