chase the nightmares away

…and believe me, I’ve had a few:

Download here.
Art is by the incomparable Dave McKean.  Music is suitable for that kind of black winter nights when anything could come in through the windows…

1: Booiamrudolf – It’s Deep In Here [Elefant]
2: Russian Linesman – Poor Runa [Manual]
3: Two Fingers – Keman Rhythm [Big Dada]
// Hybrid – Sleepwalking [Distinctive]
4: AFK – Emily’s China (Fractal Remix) [Unsigned]
5: PQM vs. Phil K – They Just Won’t Let Me Be [Institution]
6: Charles & Kling – Parallel Realities (Habersham Remix) [Mixturi]
7: Habersham – Transparent Sound [Audio Therapy]
8: BT – 1.618 [DTS]
9: Hybrid – Opening Credits [Distinctive]