‘sonata sonata! ‘sa rondo!

I’m delighted to report that the mad scientists over at OverClocked got the call to do the official soundtrack for the HD Remix of Super Street Fighter II Turbo.  You can hear what they came up with here.  It’s both super funky, surprisingly respectful, and another important moment for OverClocked and fan artwork in general.

In totally unrelated art, I was sent a video of a king-hell piece of choreography that the Royal Ballet did recently, called INFRA.  It comes in 3 parts, and you owe it to yourself to watch in it what passes for “HD” on YouTube – it is uncanny, sublime, and amazing.

Jumping again:  Pauline Oliveros came by UVic recently to talk about her music and her experiences with the San Fran Center for Tape Music.  In addition to knowing her way around tape delay, she talked about her current work in making an “intelligent agent” that could improvise with her in a useful way.  This is a king-hell problem – it would require detection of just about every musical aspect of sound, and then a non-random way of using that data to generate new sounds.  Oof.  I, of course, managed to miss her concert, so I have no idea what state her current system is in.

More on music:  I went to see LaSaM do a concert called ‘Sonic Whisper’, and I came away all kinds of impressed.  With the exception of a few moments of wankiness, the sounds and music were lush, detailed, and never overstayed their welcome.  Hopefully I can get a recording of it soon.