2008: sets of the year

And here we are again, the best DJ sets of the last 300-and-some days.  A higher standard overall, but maybe fewer standouts.  At any rate:
Best Political Statement That Happens To Be An Amazing Mix As Well:   Z-TRIP – THE OBAMA MIX

No, seriously.  This is both a masterpiece of political theatre and a thousand thousand kinds of fly.  Chuck D would be proud.  It picks up where his 2003 Anti-War mix left off, uses a bunch of the same material, but is way more coherent and way more fun to dance to.  Get down right here.

Best Reason To Be French:  JUSTICE – Xmas Mix

This is cutting 2008 fine, but I go by the dates in my sets folder, so there.  Not like it matters, as this breakneck set of disco, kitsch and blatant pop is as much as you can have without being, well, French.  Find it here.

Best Soul:  JEROME DERRADJI – Still Music

The set sounds exactly like the picture.   Get it here.

Honorable mentions to:  Flying Lotus, Caleb Fox, the Cloudcasts, Appleblim, Four Tet, Optimo, Dabbler,  DJ Soo, Quiet Village, Sasha & Digweed, Chloe Harris, and so many many more.