I survived Sound & Music Computer 2013!  Quite literally:  I got God’s own stomach bug, spent 18 hours in bed, and then flew / fasted my way back to Boston.  I can’t recommend that part, but other than that, the trip was lovely.

Some things from the conference:

– I met Tom and Seb from x-io properly, and got to see their worldbeating OSC board.

– Saw my UVic people, Shawn Trail and Duncan MacConnell, and their hyperguitar project.  Looking forward to the album…

– Saw Flavio & Tiago, met Andre and Marcelo, and generally had a Brasilian sort of time.  Gotta work on my Portuguese for ISMIR.

– Other cool things included:  sonification of a tree, a bell played by dirt, scape plots of musical influnence, ‘plucking’ on touchscreens, a great talk about isomorphic pitch layout theory, stuff about soundscape storage, image sonification, re-imagining the orchestral experience, and so on.

– The paper I presented was “A quantitative review of mappings in musical iOS applications”, of course.  You can find it, and everything else, in the proceedings.

I also saw the Vasa and went to Pride, and walked around the boring part of town.  And yes, they make damn fine cinnamon buns.