tdpl26: robsounds – high rollers ep

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You should also go and look at right now, because there’s some amazing stuff there – especially the interviews.

I was on a bus for 12 hours twice over the last weekend, so I got a lot of thinking done…assuming you call sitting exhausted in the Chilliwack bus depot thinking.  I can say for certain that out of all the Greyhound depots in BC, Chilliwack smells the worst.

But, to return to the point, I had some ideas for a little program that will morph two midi files together, like some sort of theme breeding system.  I’m going to try to do it quick and ugly first, which will probably lots of interesting non-musical results.  Then I’ll try to get a more musical interpretation going…which seems a lot harder.  It’s going to be called MORPHINE, in theory.  Probably a Python or Processing project, depending on what has better midi libraries.

I also had an epiphany about an alternative to standard dice-based RPG combat systems.  Randomness and I have had a bit of a falling out of late, and I’ve been after a system that won’t ruin your life on a single roll of a d20, or on 15 rolls of a d6, or what have you.  The concept I’ve dreamed up is a bit of MAGIC, a bit of SquareSoft styled card-puzzle games, and a bit of 4e-styled miniature tactics.  I think it’s way too complex, but I also think it’s very interesting.  We’ll see what happens and what I have time to do with it.