week 136

Late, again, but lots to talk about.

Y Combinator is starting a research lab.  Which is interesting in at least six ways.  I, personally, hate the lack of speed in academia, but there are many things that said lack of speed enable.

LineFORM, from the Tangible Media Group at MIT, is sort of neat.  We currently think of our personal supercomputers as phones / black mirrors / etc, but they for sure do not have to be.  (The actuation looks pretty cheap, to me, but the idea is particular)

– We went on an art field trip at work, and saw, among other things, the monumental Frank Stella retrospective at the Whitney, along with lovely things by Elsie Driggs.

Ellen Jewett, on the other hand, is not much of a modernist, but is amazing.

– Biosciences just get more and more bonkers.  I think I’ve mentioned CRISPR before, but it really can’t be mentioned too often.  Note the money line of the “editable mouse” – that’s us in a few generations.

– Brian McFee pointed me at Neural Storyteller, which is terrifying and wonderful.