week 26

– Not only have the good people at SubDivison made a new website, not only have their Rifflandia parties been amazing, their latest podcast is by my man Natron, and it is smooth, smooth, smoooooooth.
– School has started. Apparently grad school is basically about reading every damn thing.
– The first chunk of the music for DREAM|CITY came together really fast. The second chunk, which I started tonight, is looking like it will take longer.
– I picked up a flyer from somewhere, advertising Jerome Derradji of Still Music playing at Le Bleury. So, I went. Having gone, I can tell you that Le Bleury is a gorgeous little space, and that the people there play awesome post/disco, but often stumble on mixes. Jerome did likewise: amazing tunes, some often iffy technical things, but man: what amazing tunes.
– I just today finished listening to every album I own, in alphabetical order. I started in January: it was a bit of a thing, and I will hopefully write more about it soon.