week 50

– Some great work about The Future:  Sensory Augmentation.  This is at least half the promise of AR for me, not just the Glass / HUD that everyone’s hating on these days.

– I saw Four Tet:  he was amazing.  I can’t say enough good things about his music or his show.  I also need to shout out Anthony Naples, who has great taste in music but is an adorably iffy beatmatcher, and the crazy-deep opener, Ricardo Donoso, who played a live set straight out of deepest Bedrock circa 2001:  no drums for 20 minutes, no hi-hats for 50.

There was also a serious raver there: baseball cap, big pants, strung-out beard, doing a liquid-skip sort of dance.  He was apparently totally sincere, and looked my age or younger.  So given that I was 7 years too late for actual rave culture, where did this cat come from?