week 9

– Oh man, it’s the end of April. How did that happen?
– I’ve got lyrics down for Tornado Songs VIII and alllllmost done for IV: now I just have to write the damn things.
– On that note, I’ve been accepted to the Bozzini Quartet’s Vancouver edition of Composer’s Kitchen, so at least the string writing for Tornado Songs will be tight.
– Finally got my latest set, ‘Arguing For Your Limitations’ recorded. Get it here.
– Did a bunch of field recording for a project with Connor Ashton called DREAM | CITY. More on that as it breaks.
– Valve’s employee handbook got leaked. It is fascinating.
The Byrds and the Beegees tells you what your parents were listening to when you were conceived. Yes, this won the internet for the week.
Planetary Resources is apparently real. Paging D.D. Hariman and Art Clarke, please.