week nine billion

Lots to catch up on.

– The US Navy once built a research boat that is designed to rotate 90 degrees into the water.

Enclaves within enclaves, between Belgium and The Netherlands.

– Fuck the NSA – and this is funny.

– Sony hate music, may prevent Beyonce from being on Tidal.

– I’ve been a fan of Luisa Pereira for a while, but seeing her talk at a Monthly Music Hackathon only made me like her work more.

– Super nice conductive thread / wearable interfaces via Project Jacquard.

Ableton Push Hero, via my friend / black magician Nathan.

– Saw FURY ROAD – it deserves every bit of praise it is getting.

Destroying objects as soundscapes.

– The Segulharp is maybe a bit pat, but really nice.  As someone who knows a lot about digital interfaces for making music,  real acoustics thing are pretty good.

– Along those lines, this monster is neat:  the interface is willfully bad, which makes the performance even more impressive – look at 2:02 or so, where he rotates the pad just because he can.

A Twine “interactive fiction” thing is finally blowing up – on the Apple Watch, no less.

Typedrummer is the most basic thing, but works really well.  It’s a drum machine with the drum machine elided away, which is something that has been on my mind for a minute.