when you’re this BT, they call you Mister.

So all y’all haters who didn’t make it down to Hush to see BT play really did miss out.

Somewhat to my surprise, to be honest, he pulled a monsterous Ableton set out of his laptop, complete with hordes of tastefully epic effects, thunderous drum hits, as well as the vocals from ‘Dreaming’, almost all of ‘Flaming June’, and then ‘Loves Comes Again’ and ‘Somnambulist’ to close. The man is, as is his reputation, in to his music. He’s also a serially nice guy, even though he knocked the power-cord to the amp out by accident when he was setting up.

Other highlights of the evening include BT using my headphones, BT finising his set, stopping the music, yelling “Fuck Yeah!”, and sweeping offstage majestically…into the girl’s washroom, then coming back to encore. Then there was Matt attacking Braeden with his record crate. And Dave bringing me the shot of Wild Turkey (which is why all the pictures he took are blurry). And Matt playing his lovely new Freeform Five remix, and me getting to play my new tune ‘Rocket Summer’ out, and so on. A lovely night, all in all.