101 Free Games #6: Plus Or Minus and Cytoplasm

Cytoplasm is a scion of the amazing Experimental Gameplay Project at CMU (again with the CMU!). Although I love the project, this is not one of the hits. It’s nice to look at, but the gameplay is loopy and simple: Grab some guys and throw them at the enemy. Repeat. Done after 10 minutes.

Plus Or Minus, on the other hand, is a game about magnets. While you should avoid the ‘Easy’ mode, the ‘Hard’ mode has the roots of a lovely puzzle game in it. You attract particles to your two charged magnets. When positive pariticles meet negative particles, they annihilate each other. Your objective is to prevent the particles attached to your magnets from reaching the edge of the screen. It needs tuning, but there’s a huge amount of potential there.