2010: sets of the year

Fewer this year, oddly enough. Probably because I was at SoundCloud listening to that every day for four months. Makes it harder to keep track of things. Regardless:


Jimmy The Hamster Holden may never touch his insane Loft set from a few years ago, but this summer psy-cosmic-tech romp comes pretty close. It may take a few listens, but you’ll find that the middle six deal with everything that is good about DJing.

Kenzie Clarke – KENZIE

Kenzie hits this list for the second year in a row, this time with the simplest, most personal of mixtapes.

Booiamrudolf – MAYA

Ok, it’s a live set. It’s also one of the most heartrendingly beautiful things I’ve ever heard (Deep, bitcrushed breaks, soaring melodies, tragic pads, etc), so go and listen to it just the same.

Honorable mentions to: Gobe – Subdivision Podcast, Wood & Soo – The Vault, The Big Reds – Live @ Rifflandia, John Talabot – Summerized, Chris Longshanks – Subdivision Podcast, and Mano Le Tough – Noice Podcast.