2010: albums of the year

Bethi Ferguson – NEWVEMBER SONGS

Yeah, so my friend Bethi finished this song-a-day-recorded-into-Garage Band last November. Yes, the audio quality is often awful. Did I listen to anything else more this year? Not even close – I cannot recommend all 32-some songs enough.

Flying Lotus – COSMOGRAMMA

FlyLo keeps providing justification for electronic music as a celestially high artform. That he does so while keeping things funky as fuck is just more testament to his genius. COSMOGRAMMA takes off from where L.A. left off, and goes further, futher, and further again.


Again from 2009. I am slow and stupid, please forgive me. But this one sure is worth listening to again. Drowned in folk noises, foundsound, and gorgeous instrumentation, AMBIVALENCE AVENUE proves, again, that us techno people can steal from wherever we want, whenever we want, and make it sing.

Honorable mentions to: Clark – Growls Garden, Luke Abbott – Holkham Drones, Hrdvsion – Where Did You Just Go, and Four Tet – There Is Love In You.