2016: sets of the year

Still fuck this year.  Moving on..

Sadar Bahar – Resident Advisor 507

Another one of those diggers comes through in a big way – and puts just how weird Blondie’s Rapture is into perspective.

Ben UFO – Live @ Unit, Tokyo, 23.04.16

Is there a better, more comprehensive DJ alive than Ben UFO?  Tough, tough, tough call.

Mike Servito – Beats in Space 840

Let’s just say that Mike is not Brooklyn’s favorite DJ for no reason, and leave it at that.

Honorable mentions:  Prins Thomas’ Beats In Space, Volvox’s techno monster for RA, Paula Temple’s mix for FACT, which is, if anything even heavier than the Volvox, and Jackmaster’s Beats In Space mix.