2022: shows of the year

Daphni (with bonus Four Tet b2b) @ Nowadays

This one was almost kinda sorta spoiled by seeing the pretty tall Kieran Hebden in the club, and thinking … will they? Will they? They did, and the last 90 minutes was a great back-to-back, but the rest of the night was awfully good too. The aggressive eclecticism, the touches back to early 2000s battletech (Holden’s ‘The Idiot’ was played, and I lost it a bit), bits of jazz, etc.

Love Injection 7-Year Anniversary @ Public Records

Bertisch and Raffaele know things, and those things sound amazing on the Public Records sound system. A deep night for deep house, disco, and soul (A small advanage is that Shazam actually works at Public Records, but then the tracks are only available on vinyl – c’est la vie)

Four Tet @ Nowadays

Not many people can start with like 4 minutes of ambience – and then play ‘Some Polyphony’ to boot, to say nothing of Angel Echoes, Moth as I was leaving, and so forth.

Kush Jones @ Good Room

Backspins, uptempo heat, and vibes for days from Kush and DJ’J.

The most honorable mentions to Ben UFO at Mr. Sunday, DJ Python & Anthony Naples at Good Room, Underground Resistance at dweller, Pearson Sound at Contrair somewhere in Belgium, AYA at Nowadays, and rrao at Nowadays