from the pick up

I recorded a new set!  It sounds like acid:

Download here.

1: Sleezy D – I’ve Lost Control [Trax]
2: Phuture – Phuture Jacks [Trax]
3: Li’l Louis – Video Clash [Dance Mania]
4: Phantom Power – Acid Uber Alles [Clicktracks]
// Virgo – Go Wild Rhythm Track [Other Side]
5: Eddie Cointreau – Onchorhychuis [Tide Pool]
// James Zabiela – Down Here [Renaissance]
// Limbo – Maple Leaf Gave Me Lisertia []

In news unreleated to techno, here are two things that will blow your mind.  ACHRON is an RTS game in four dimensions – you can move backwards and forwards in time across an eight-minute window from the ‘present’.  If your head hurts, don’t worry.  Go to the site, watch all the videos, and it will start to make sense, mostly.

Philip K. Dick would have loved Achron – and he would also have loved the AllloSphere – which is a 30-foot sphere that displays scientific data on the inside.  No, really.  It’s at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and it is pure science fiction.  Follow the link, watch the videos.

And I bought some music:

Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins (Ewan Pearson’s Downtown Lights Remix) [Domino]
Booiamrudolf – It’s Deep In Here [Elefant]
Booiamrudolf – Ally’s World [Elefant]
Booiamrudolf – Fliuz [Elefant]
Ane Brun – Headphone Silence (Henrik_Schwarz Remix – Dixon Edit) [Objektivity]
Paul Ritch – Evil Laff [Wagon Repair]
Garcia & Caro – Dead Souls (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Mix) [Buzzin Fly]
Ultraworld – Northern Piano (Hardcore Piano Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]