i chose b10nary

Got a chance to listen to the new Hybrid album, I CHOOSE NOISE, and the new BT epic, THIS BINARY UNIVERSE. I highly recommend both, although with the following provisos: the BT should be heard in 5.1,with the videos, and the Hybrid should be heard louuud. Both, however, are pretty fine and awfully inspirational and recommended.

Alright: the verdict on the Hybrid is in, and it’s this: Boys, you needed to find who you had to kill to put your Planet Funk remix and ‘Sleepless’ on this album. And you should have done what ever you needed to do to get them. Because your album is in need of some gargantuan, take-no-prisioners dancefloor monsters. There are some near things, but none of them are textbook Hybrid home runs.

Also, I’m really curious, Mike, about your mixdown choices. A friend of mine said “It’s an album – it’s allowed to have dynamic range.”, and certainly no one likes dynamic range more than me. But I also like songs that I’m going to play in clubs to be loud, tight, and to pounce like a tiger. And the big dancefloor cuts (Dreamstalker, Dogstar, Just For Today, Falling Down) just don’t.

But! The secret track is fannntastic, so there you have it.