it burns when i music

Just a burnt CD tracklisting-dump. Continue to go about your day.

Bent – The Waters Deep (AFK Cascadia Subduction Remix) [Tide Pool]
Made Of Leaves – Karate Robot (Russian Linesman Remix) [Tide Pool]
Differnet – Caring Arms (Jesse Somfay Remix) [Kupei Musika]
Alexander Koning – Back to the Oldskool (Jesse Somfay Remix) [TBA]
Klmnt + Yann DL – Intensive (Limbo Remix) [Audio Invaders]
Neon Tetra – Upset [Tide Pool]
Neon Tetra – Surroundings [Tide Pool]
Viking 2 – Shroud Jettison [Unsigned]
Viking 2 – Centaur Deflection [Unsigned]
Viking 2 – Space Flight (305 – 355 Days) [Unsigned]
Viking 2 – Lander Sience Data [Unsigned]
UP – UP [Unsigned]

Micah – Microcosm (Austin Azua Ambient Shlubble) [Ruhn Song]
Led Zepplin – Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (PQM Melbourn Pass) [Abducted]
Gary Jules – Mad World (Stefan Anion Remix) [Proton]
CPM – Takeaway (His Boy Elroy Remix) [Proton]
CPM – Iobec Magic (Jaytech & Matt Rowan Remix) [Proton]
Stuart McKeown – Meet Me On The Corner Of Raven Hill [Proton]
One Trick Pony – Knuckles To The Floor (Fractal’s Knuckles On The Keys Version) [Guilt Records]