Mixtape update / 1001 nights

An update to All My Friends!  If you want to submit music for the mixtape, you have until MondayClick here for all the details.

Now then, on to about a thousand thousand other things:

John McCain on abortionMcCain on the warJohn McCain on health care and not giving it.  McCain:  100 years in Iraq.

– The above is part of a DailyKos googlebomb of John McCain, for the upcoming election.   Let’s hear it for the internet – and hideous, paleolithic Republican neoconservatives.

EveryBlock is really classy.  It’s overwhelmingly Web 2.0, but there’s lots of potential in there.

– Matt and I found a good hour or so from our monumental 5-hour set at hush.  So we put it on the internet:

Art is by the legendary Gabe from Penny Arcade.  There is also a preliminary video, if you’re on the facebook bandwagon.

– Merde, I have so much to say.  Execution is a lovely, lovely flash game.  It takes about 30 seconds to play, so be sure to play it twice.   The Penny-Arcade game is blatant fan service, but is very, very funny.

EURO 2008 IS IN A WEEK.  I’m supporting Romania.

– Finally, I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the KRAZY exhibition of comics, anime and video games…and it was really pretty good.  The comics section was a little highbrow for my tastes, but there’s no question that it featured some amazing work.  Anime and manga lend themselves better to being blown up on huge walls, whereas some of the comics suffered just from being small.  The video game section wasn’t big enough (and was missing Zork and Tetris), but was pretty good otherwise.  We’re planning to go back some night other than opening night and taking our time with it.