new year, new sets, new gigs

CRUSH does it again at Sunset, on January 15th:

Myself and the legendary Davin ‘AFK’ Greenwell will be tagging from 10 to 0200, followed by Nima, then Toby. If you like the technos, this one is for you.

And then, only slightly related to techno, I recorded a new set for you!

Fractal – Bristol

It’s the shining, synthetic side of current dubstep, obviously represented here by Punch Drunk, straight outta Bristol. My mother was born in Bristol, and I’m sure she’d dig this. Isn’t that right, Mom?

1: Guido – Beautiful Complication [Punch Drunk]
2: Forsaken – Hypnotise [Punch Drunk]
3: Wedge – Runnning Away (Guido Remix) [Punch Drunk]
4: Joker – Stuck In The System [Punch Drunk]
5: KZSS – You & I []
6: Guido – Cat In The Window [Punch Drunk]
7: Guido – You Do It Right [Punch Drunk]
8: Hytael – Pixel Rainbow Sequence [Punch Drunk]
9: Phoenix – Girlfriend (Limbo Remix) []