news day

So many things are happening!

– The Rock Band Creator’s Network is live. This will break more bands than god.

Emilie Simon is my new favorite steampunk chanteuse. That glove came out of IRCAM, apparently! Obviously they’ve found peolpe who can actually design.

– I bet a friend that facial recognition on phones would be here in two years. That was six months ago. Meet Recognizr. Will this be spidering public Facebook pictures soon? You bet your ass.

– In China, the Internet is watching you back. And sometimes it doles out vigilante justice, in theform of “Human Flesh Search Engines”.

– I watched a film about techno called Modulations on Friday in my computer music class. It was made in 1998, and has not aged well. This one, Speaking In Code, looks like a good update.

Virtualization of musicians and composers is stumbling towards reality.

– Britain is using Classical music as a form of social control. Ahhh, Beethoven 9. (Also, Steve Goodman / Kode 9’s book SONIC WARFARE is out now. Must get a copy. )