“please, don’t tell me…

…that I’ve been fucking an android. Or, do tell me that I’ve been fucking an android.”

No one can say that THE INVISIBLES aren’t quotable, even if they’re slightly less than coherent from time to time. To move on: I can’t not link to this slightly visionary, slightly creeeeeeepy interview with David Levy, author of a book called LOVE AND SEX WITH ROBOTS. You wish I was making this up. Or, you don’t.

In less pornographic news, I have two new clips posted: Oceanography and the aforementioned Beatles project, EVOLved. Go and listen to them right now.

I also look to be DJing on New Year’s Eve at the Sunset Room, tagging with Dust. We’re on at 0400, by the looks of it, for all those who are still awake and dreaming.

Finally, I’ve been doing rather a lot of reading. I can, much to my surprise, highly recommend HALTING STATE, by Charles Stross. I can mostly recommend SPIN, by Robert Charles Wilson, and CAMOFLAUGE, by Joe Haldeman. And, of course, Neil Gaiman’s STARDUST is perfectly lovely.

More coherent thoughts to come, once school re-starts and I have lots of spare time. (Nyuk nyuk nyuk)