The SCULPT EP is done! Victory!

SCULPT – SCULPT by Fractal

SCULPT is an downtempo/ambient/hip-hop project, with samples from vinyl recording of classic orchestral musica, beats from classic drum machines, “vocals” improvised by a variety of my friends and comrades at UVic…all sliced, diced, and edited to suit my nefarious purpose.

This EP runs four tracks, and covers ice cold ambient, neck-snapping hip-hop, jazzy 808 jams, and a breaking wave of post-dubstep reverb. There may be an album-length project in a similar vein – we’ll see how this one does.

I am deeply, deeply indebted to Claire Stewart, Nathan Friedman, Heather Harker, and Shima Takeda for their time, skills and patience with this EP. The next one won’t take me over a year, I promise.