turing fail

Download here.  
1: Alex Rize – Beyond The Dome (Habersham Remix) [Proton]
2: AMB – Pellet (Anomalies Remix) [Chi]
3: Chris Carter & Fine Cut Bodies – Fiddlesticks – (Habersham Remix) [Chi]
4: Ilmli – All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go (Habersham Remix) [Lobotomy]
5: Minilogue – Elephant’s Parade [Wagon Repair]

A quick post-prog special.  I also can’t say enough about how sick the Two Fingers album is.  Amon Tobin is a black magician of the highest order. Other purchases today include the ambient disc of Hybrid‘s last mix, and Nathan Fake’s new album.
Also, this post is genius:  Video game character etymology.  Who knew that the Four Fiends from Final Fantasy IV were lifted from The Inferno?