VEMF 2k9: 150,000 kickdrums

(image care of Davin Greenwell)
Another year, another Victoria Electronic Music Festival, another two days and three nights of exceptional thump-tss thump-tss music.  Highlights includeded:

Stefan Alan, Spoon, Wesbeanz, and the Hush DJ Challenge Finals:  I was in the unenviable position of judging this edition of the finals, along with Matt What, and I am delighted to say that everyone both played great and played great music.

Big Reds:  Bassface!  Our local dubstep mafia started things off on Saturday aftenoon in fine style.

Tedder:  There is no time like a sunny afternoon when it comes to smooth, smooooth drum & bass.

Mykee & Carson:  I didn’t catch all of their respective sets, but what I did catch was dancey, individual, and classy.

Longwalkshortdock:  Legend.  The best live show since Orbital blew the place up.

Uberzone:  I was leery about what a nuskool breaks legend would play, 10 years after nuskool.  However!  His set covered NYC techno, big breaks, modern electro, and everything in between…including dropping Black Widow, which made my night.

AFK:  My yearly award for ‘best melodies’ goes, again,  to Davin ‘AFK’ Greenwell, and his cavalcade of stars, including a violinist and a guitarist.  Serious business indeed.

Condition Red:  Insane, insane 90’s jungle.  I wish I had been more awake.

Kenzie Clarke:  No one plays crazy dance music (or sleek techno, for that matter) quite like Kenzie.  And no one gets the crowd singing along to ‘We Are Your Friends’ either.

And, as always, thanks to the VEMF masterminds:  Bruce, Jason, John, Chelsie, and everyone else.  You do great work, and we love you for it.