week 137

Still on catch-up.

– Google has open-sourced their machine learning system.  This is sort of amazing, even if some of my academic pals are not impressed by it.  Google is basically saying “even if you can match our code, you can’t match all of our data”.

– I mentioned China’s credit score / life score – here’s a more personal look at it.

– Other scary stuff:  Mirriad can put ads into ad-hoc videos.  How long until that can be done dynamically, depending on who is watching the video?  Not long.

– “music / video social media” continues to be a thing:  Fusic is a good example – and what happens as the tech from Mirriad becomes commonplace?

– And, lurking ‘way down the list is app streaming.  Native apps, no install.  Here we go again.