week 3

– I spent a good chunk of time installing OpenFrameworks and openNI on my laptop. OpenFrameworks was a dream: openNI and the required libraries were not. This is, I suppose, what I get for running a windows machine.

– The game now is: Kinect sends data to an OpenFrameworks program. OF sends OSC data to Max/MSP. Max sends Midi data to Ableton. Ableton listens to the audio and effects it accordingly. Whew.

– I’ve also got scads more data for the ISMIR paper; I need to run tests on it this week, and then alter the paper accordingly.

– Need to big up Martyn and Exeter for an excellent Sunday night show at Lucky, as part of the RBMA tour. Exeter in particular knows his way around drum pads.

– Sonic Lab, UVic’s contemporary music ensemble, played an amazing concert, featuring a mind-boggling Claude Vivier piece and really quite excellet improvisation in to and out of it.

– Lastly, if you’re in Victoria and you don’t go check out Trimpin’s installation at Open Space (featuring four robotic pianos!) you are missing the haellll out.