week 4

– I finished the New Tune! It is called MOTOKO, after everyone’s favorite cyborg. It’s going to go out on Limbo’s nascent Sushi Audio, we think.

– Finished a draft of the first (and longest: it’s 4 minutes!) of TORNADO SONGS. It needs a ton of polish: motives need tightening, I need to hear some of the string FX, I need to remove the outro of a verse…but the draft is finished.

– A piece that my friend Shawn is masterminding got accepted to NIME. I’m providing extra composition / sound design / Max|MSP chops, as needed. Potential trip to Ann Arbor / Detroit? I hope so.

– Me and Ohmichu made the cookies of the year, care of Smitten Kitchen. No, really: they’re that good.

– These drum pattern posters are the best thing.