week 30

– I’m making staggering progress on DREAM|CITY: I’m done the first four parts, and made a really good start to V tonight.
– I went to Toronto! I got to see old friends, make pies and eat turkey, and see the shockingly talented Kira Hall play both Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut in Avenue Q. A good weekend and an interesting city.
– I finished Rebecca Farrugia’s BEYOND THE DANCEFLOOR, a book about DJing and feminism. It reads a bit like a Ph.D thesis, but makes some strong points about the embedded dude culture in DJing besides. It also feels oddly dated, musically, even though the research was only finished a few years ago. Nothing moves faster than techno.
Year of the Glitch is amazing. This is data bending images using Audacity, an audio-editing program.
– King Britt, likewise, is amazing.