week 34

– Busy times.
– I saw Richie Hawtin and Locodice at SAT last Monday. Locodice was terrible – the most generic, white-noise “tech-house” you can think of. The crowd was also terrible, which I guess I should have expected from a tour called ‘Beyond EDM’. Hawtin, however, was great: hard, funky, comprehensive effects and set flow. One day I want to see him in a tiny, tiny club, but it will probably never happen.
– I saw Cassandra Miller’s hypnogogic Bel Canto on Monday night. I’n totally biased towards Cassandra’s music as she taught me composition at UVic…but Bel Canto is a great,messy, time-streched sort of piece, filled with spectral and spatial magic.
– I went to Music Hack Day Boston. Holy shit. I am not going to try to talk about all the hacks: check them here. I did a funny hack, Where The Fuck Is The T-Pain, and a much more serious generative music framework called The Ultimate Machine.
– I need to big up the Chrome team for jamwithchrome.com: a great interface and a great technical implementation.
– Also, psobot is a genius: meet forever.fm