where we at

Some quick hits:

I’ve got a half-release lined up for Perc Trax. The Primal release is now sometime between July and September. The two remixes for Pacific Front should be out over the summer. Still working on THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT, but a stupid naming error on my part lost about half of my percussion, and I’ve not had the drive to re-do it yet.

I am working on a posted mix that was supposed to be for a friend’s radio show for the Phil K show. My uber-mix with Matt Sinesthetix remains in progress. Also planning on another themed mixtape special.

The Phil K show was awesome. It’s really good to see that he can DJ outside of his magic FX box…which was never really in doubt, but still.
Tide Pool will have new shit soon. I have about 3-4 things lined up…and I just know that they’ll all be given to me at once.

Been thinking lots about the relationship between practice and DJing. Also about where the electronic music community actually is, in terms of being the future like we used to be. I think I need to sit down and design myself a theoretical live setup.