you played it for him, you can play it for me

Play it!

Radio Free Sasha – Dead Reckoner [Bootleg]
Fairmont – Fade To Saturate [Border Community]
Spooky – Stereo [Generic]
Mendel – Out Of The Dark [Unsigned]
Luke Chable – Skyline Road [68]
Stel – Heart Full Of Napalm [Hope]
Led Zepplin – They Just Won’t Let Me Be (Phil K vs. PQM) [Abducted]
Hybrid – Sleepwalking [Distinctive]

I am also djing with the immortal DJ What at Hush on Thursday, November 22nd. It will be ridiculous. Come out and drink too much with us.

(also bought the new Burial and M.I.A.’s latest, but more about those later)