all the noise that’s fit to print

Vancouver’s Terry Fairfield comes correct with his second EP on Tide Pool. If you like Warp or Boards Of Canada, give this one a listen.

I also finished a miniset last week:

It’s about twenty minutes of me playing around with odd looping. That is to say, what happens if you loop a 4/4 techno track every 3 beats? Or 7 beats? Or if you play one looping at 3 on top of one looping at 5? You can hear the result here.


1: Chris Barratt – Pink [Jesus Loves You]
2: Minilogue – Elephant [Wagon Repair]
3: Avus – SPNKR [Border Community]
4: Perc & Fractal – Up [Perc Mix]
5: Rob Babicz – Sin (Gui Boratto Remix) [Systematic]

Finally, Tide Pool Mix #10 is by nu-rave legend AntiGuru. Look out for crunk acapellas over snappy maximalism and token 80’s tunes.