fragile things

Download here. Tracklisting is below. This is the set I did for B-Sides – I was pretty pleased with it. It’s ambient and downtempo and pretty, in roughly that order.

1: Neil Gaiman – Fragile Things (Introduction) [William Morrow]
2: Lostep – 6 AM Sedna [Global Underground]
3: Shirt – Naing [Tide Pool]
4: Antiguru – Pre-Emption [Tide Pool]
5: Neon Tetra – Surroundings [Tide Pool]
6: Shirt – Dirty Ye [Tide Pool]
7: Boards Of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat (Outro) [Warp]
8: Four Tet – You Could Ruin My Day [Domino]
9: Boards Of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat [Warp]
10: Hills West – Hay-On-Wye [Unsigned]
11: Neon Tetra – Immure [Audio Aubergine]
12: Hills West – Watchman’s Cabin Site [Unsigned]
13: Lusine – Still Frame (Lusine Remix) [Spectral Sound]
14: BT – All That Makes Us Human Continues [DTS]
15: Chris Fortier – Despegue (Fractal Ambient Mix) [FDX]
16: Limbo – Pioneer (Fractal’s Verb-Tool) [Tide Pool]
17: Dustin H – Receive The Light (Fractal’s Photons Are Data Mix) [Pacific Front]
18: BT – Dynamic Symmetry [DTS]
19: Hermann & Kleine – Hello, This One Is For You [Morr Music]

I am also playing at Hush on Friday, September 7th, with Cory J and Andy Weeks. You should come down. Yes.