interface thursday

It’s……Interface Thursday! Interface Wednesday Night! Whatever. It beats doing math homework. The above image is the ReacTable, which, if you’re one of the 5 people who have not seen it, can be found here. Now then:

CreateDigitalMusic brings the hyper-whitespace noise with this bubble-gum driven step sequencer. They rightly say that the really cool underlying thing is the camera that recognizes the colors of the gum balls. There are only about 1001 of places you could take that.

Analog Industries, meanwhile, has the same sort of thing, done with skittles. Let the candy wars begin.

Ariana, over at Whitechapel, posted this wonderfully throwaway comment:

“Someday, someone will build a touchpad that’s dancefloor-sized, and let the crowd’s movement make organic tracks. That will rock so hard.”‘

That, obviously, got me thinking. But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out a way to make the idea work. It’s an ancient techno / computer music cliche, but it’s the very definition of “non-trivial problem”. Anyone got any inspirations?

Finally, I had an idea for “my” interface: It involves a circle, with notes, chords, and samples sliding slowly from the inside to the outside, and a radar-style bar that rotates around and plays things, depending on their rotation. I’m kind of cribbing from Glasbead, but I think it could be a suitably separate thing. More details notes will appear as I have time to think on it more.