many things

– I went to New York!  I only bought two records this time:  Kraftwerk and Talking Heads.  Also saw the NY Phil, who are pretty good, and saw Move D lay it down at Glasslands, which is a space that works well for a low-key-but-excellent DJ like D.  I also need to shout out the residents, who did the warmup just perfectly, especially for a late show with doors at 11.

– I also went to see the James Turell show at the Guggenheim, which was worth the wait for the main installation alone.  If you get a chance to experience the man’s work, you should do so.

– And I went to MoMA, mostly for the sound art exhibit, which was decent, but also to bask in Monet.

– Some people rebuilt England in MineCraft.

– Saw this via We Make Money, Not Art, and was impressed.

– Somehow got linked to the work of Luisa Pereria, which is rad rad rad.

– I went to Hacking Arts to present the Echo Nest API, and ended up building an interactive music system for Tetris Attack.