new york is killing me

Not really – but if you go to the DJ sets page, you’ll see my latest series.  It’s been a tough year, with not enough time to really DJ properly, but there’s still some magic in there.  It is notable that I’ve crystallized into basically three styles:  endless house / techno sets; ice-cold collections of ambient, neo-idm, classical; and smooth, throwback disco.

The first is the logical evolution of what I’ve always played.  The latter comes from having access to amazing record stores in New York.  The middle one comes from both the amazing surge in this sort of music of late, but also from the affect of living in Brooklyn and looking at the Manhattan skyline as a storm rolls in.  New York will eat you – make sure you’re ready for it.

Next year I need to get something like an album done, so there probably won’t be time for much recording – but we’ll see.