summer is a cumin in

I’m in Cambridgeport, slowly unpacking things at Brambleberry:  I have a million things I want to do over the next eight months:

  • Re-build this website
  • Fix all my passwords
  • Write my thesis proposal
  • Hack up a draft of my thesis project.
  • Keep making martinis
  • Make What We Talk About When We Talk About Beethoven, a piece for human and chatbot.
  • Make my ISMIR music submission with Ryan Groves.
  • Start and maintain a group-blog about how to learn about the future of music.  (First part is done!)
  • Finish my third Mario 1 quartet.
  • Finish my time-stretched Brian Ferneyhough thing:  got that done already too.
  • Finish a mixtape in honour of my friend’s wedding.
  • Papers and documentiation for:  my algorithmic Xenakis project, my Tonnetz, the Ultimate Machine, remix.js, and Kenzie’s NYPD mix
  • And go outside!