the hobgoblin of little minds

Working a regular job makes me seethe and rage for the time to keep up with my own projects.  So, here are two more links in the chain.  From me:

Download here.

Hypnotic techno into post-progressive into a hark back to bigger, trancier days.

1: Four Tet – Swimmer [Domino]
2: John Kaito – Sapphire [Back Home]
3: Ryan Davis – Clouds Passing By – (Eelke Klejin Remix) [Back Home]
4: Umek – Center of Gravity (Soliquid Remix) [Proton]
5: Sasha – Who Killed Sparky? [Emfire]
6: Ferreyra & Favre – The Light Over The Darkness []
7: Max Graham – Sepia [Hope]
// Way Out West – Intensifty (PMT Remix) [Y4K]
8: Morgan & Shiu – 8 Feet Under (AFK Remix) [Powerplant]

And from Tide Pool: Rhythmicon – Rain Falls & Thunder Rolls.

Hyperdeep dubstep, downtempo & ambient.  Forward the foundation.