week 131

Once more with feeling!

This Is My Jam is gone, but in the best way.  Big love.

Experiment.com is super interesting, and filled with some tricky things around conflict of interest and proof-of-expenditure, but has a bit of a huge ceiling.

– Novelty classical music performances generally hurt my teeth, but this Bach is … sort of amazing.

Bret Victor is, as ever, not wrong.

– Say “forest megaphone“.  See?  (More to the point, the acoustic amplification of the tiny sounds of nature is super rad.)

– Always talk about nightclub history.

– I think these cats may have gotten blown up in the time between me reading this and me posting it, but a BitTorrent backed rogue / free streaming service has…lots of potential. (And some amazingly hard problems, but hey, c’est la vie)

– “Immerse yourself in synaesthetic alien vistas and control them like an ambient disco-god.”  Well, sign me up for Panoramical.