week 132

What a time we have, up here in Heaven.

– My man Stefan Maier turned me on to the music of Elaine Radigue, which is lovely.

– He likewise pointed me to the arcane folk at MSHR, who do…well, many things.  “Ritual techno”?  “Witch-house-hackathon”?  Take a gander. (and think about LaMont Young, while you’re at it).

Fugue Machine, by Alexandernaut, basically won the internet this week.  Multiple play heads!  Variable pitch / speed / direction!  Amazing!

– While we’re here, Sonic Pi looks pretty great, as far as livecoding goes.

GCHQ remain evil bastards who have no love. They’re watching you, now.

– But, China trumps the West:  new “credit scores” in China are going to include social data, behavioural data, and the same data from your friends.  Yes, that is as bad as it sounds.

– In slightly better news, some people are working on a mesh network for New York.